Professional Engineering

TeAM provides the full range of engineering services to support technology programs and life cycle management activities.

Requirements Analysis and Management
Requirements analysis involves (1) defining user requirements, (2) defining product requirements, and (3) performing analysis to define, derive, and understand requirements. TeAM’s systems engineers provide requirements analysis services to support the development of operational system concepts, to define the requirements for systems functionality, and to assess the feasibility of systems deployment.

Requirements evolve throughout the systems’ life cycle due to design decisions, subsequent corrective actions, client feedback, and systems implementation outcomes. As a result, new requirements may be derived or existing requirements updated based on the consideration of cost and time constraints, technological limitations, risks, and other factors.

Once requirements are developed and subsequently changed, they need to be properly managed. TeAM offers services to track specific systems requirements and the relationships between requirements. We use the capabilities of DOORS, a robust, object-oriented requirements management database, to capture and organize systems requirements and related information. TeAM analysts generate and maintain baseline requirements documents as well as a volatility document that reflects all changes to any requirement within the DOORS database. Using DOORS, we are able to track the history of every requirement, providing end-to-end requirements traceability.

Network Management and Integration
TeAM provides wide area network (WAN) solutions to support LAN-to-WAN interoperability, Voice and Data Integration, Video-Teleconferencing, Remote LAN Access, Internet Access, and eBusiness and Network security. We work objectively with a wide range of hardware and software products to design network solutions that are cost-effective and customized to meet your needs. In addition, TeAM offers an outstanding field service organization that provides comprehensive turnkey network services, from project management and network design to network implementation and ongoing maintenance, including Managed Services.

System and Software Engineering
TeAM’s systems engineering services provide complete life cycle support for the design and management of a total system. Dedicated to optimizing and supporting hardware and software engineering environments, our trained team of experts utilize the Capability Maturity Model (CMM®) to guide all systems engineering activities. TeAM’s staff are experts in large, worldwide-deployed, secure, client-server systems using the latest integrated commercial off-the-shelf hardware and software connected via both local area and wide area networks.

Combined, TeAM’s systems engineers bring hundreds of years of experience in the implementation of software and systems design, documentation, and collaboration solutions. We revise and make recommendations to project workflow and manage the development of enterprise solutions. TeAM establishes a one-to-one relationship between your organization and our systems engineering staff to help you to maximize your systems engineering investments.

TeAM’s software engineers provide expertise in project management for a range of software development projects. We assist with the systems acquisition process, provide support for software development lifecycle activities, from requirements definition through completion of Alpha testing, and respond to issues that arise during software implementation and maintenance. Following the guidelines provided by the Capability Maturity Model for software development efforts (SW-CMM®), TeAM’s staff is actively involved in defining and implementing software engineering and business process improvements.

Software Cost Estimating and Metrics Solutions
TeAM offers a variety of software cost estimating, function point analysis, and metrics services to help you manage your software projects. Effective software cost estimating and metrics are critical to delivering quality software on time and on budget. TeAM offers full life cycle cost estimation, function point analysis, and metrics analysis to enable you to achieve these goals.

TeAM uses the latest in estimating and function point analysis tools, including SEER-SEM, COCOMO, SLiM, PQM Plus, and Function WORKBENCH, to provide you with accurate and timely information that will help you make the right technology business decisions. Our software cost estimation and metrics services enable you to improve software product quality and measure productivity improvements, while identifying strengths and areas of improvement in your software development process.

Software Quality Assurance
TeAM’s SQA service is delivered by professionals who are cross-trained in test engineering, software engineering, systems engineering, project management, and process improvement. Our SQA staff is well versed in government and industry quality and software standards, including SW-CMM®, CMMI®, IEEE, and ISO 9001. To assure that our approach to software quality management incorporates state-of-the-art offerings, we continually monitor software engineering and management “best practices” to identify opportunities for enhancing our quality process.

TeAM prefers to have quality designed in and built in, rather than tested in. As a result, we make SQA tasking an integral part of every software engineering effort, although an independent part. Our SQA professionals review, evaluate, assess, and audit work products, deliverables, processes, and quality systems. TeAM’s SQA staff designs metrics to plan, monitor, and control product quality to help project managers anticipate potential problems before they arise.

Information Assurance
TeAM offers Information Assurance (IA) services that protect and maintain the confidentiality of information, while defending the security of client systems. Our IA service includes developing and implementing information assurance policies, procedures, and programs. TeAM also performs the following IA activities:

TeAM customizes its information assurance services to meet your organization’s unique needs. TeAM stands ready to provide your organization with all of the critical information assurance services required to protect your computer systems investment.