TeAM’s goal is to provide innovations and solutions to all of our customers. Through our 30+ years experience working side by side with the government  we have seen the issues that can arise first hand.  These issues led our President/ CEO, Mr. Charles Davis, asking “How can TeAM help?

Since that question was asked, and over the last few years, TeAM has been working to development tools and products that can assist our customers in streamlining processes and procedures, better align resources, produce cost saving and much more! 

Introducing LinkNxtGen 

LinkNxtGen is a hybrid resource management, project management and process and procedure management tool based on industry best practices. LinkNxtGen captures detailed self-reported information on the processes, procedures, tools, and deliverables that staff use to perform their work assignments as well as the time spent on those processes and procedures. LinkNxtGen offers companies insights into their organization and customers by:

♦    Supporting all levels of the organization including strategic, mid-tier management, and operations

♦    Supporting continuous process improvement and recording all changes that occur within the system for future reference

♦    Supporting productivity by driving process standardization while lowering new or replacement employee learning curves


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