Program Management

Achieving mission goals requires more than technology and processes. It requires effective program management to put maximum support behind your most critical objectives. Our PMP-certified staff help agencies stay on schedule, on target and drive their mission forward.


Our Capabilities

    • Program Management Support
    • Functional & Subject Matter Expert (SME) Support
    • Financial Management
    • Quality Assurance
    • Requirements Management
    • Business Process Improvement
    • Strategic Communication

Program Management Support

      • Over 30 years successfully managing programs in Engineering, IM/IT and Informatics, Healthcare, Medical Research, Infrastructure and Operations, Education and Training domains
      • Total program lifecycle management providing Integrated Master Management Planning (IMMP), Strategic Planning, Change Management, Training Management, Logistics, Coordination including Interagency realms
      • Business driven Project Management Offices (PMOs) for infrastructure, organization and modernization initiatives, process development and improvement, changed mission and increased workloads

Functional & SME Support

      • Provide Program Management Professionals, IM/IT and Clinical Consultants, certified Scrum Masters (CSMs), PMP certified Managers and supportive subject matter experts (SMEs)
      • ISO 9001:2015-based management processes and applied Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) and Technology Infrastructure Library Version 3 (ITILv3) Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) models
      • Apply industry best practices, such as Lean Six Sigma, Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity Model Integration-Acquisition (CMMI-Acq)

Financial Management

      • Prepare Budget Reviews, Cost Analysis and Life-Cycle Cost Estimates, Analysis of Alternatives, Cost Benefit Analysis, Business Case Analysis, Return on Investment (ROI) to assist program initiation decision-making
      • Conduct Performance-based Budgeting, global Portfolio Management and Resource Management with emphasis on financial resources using Earned Value Management and other performance metrics

Quality Assurance

      • TeAM Quality Policy advocates continual process improvement on all programs, with emphasis on program governing Quality Assurance Surveillance Plans
      • Develop and implement Quality Improvement risk management, Quality Control Plans, Self-Inspection Plans, Surveillance Activity Checklists, as well as meeting government prescribed Quality Standards
      • Establish performance monitoring processes, metrics reporting, management reviews, with adherence to ISO 9001: 2015 principles in our management framework to ensure client satisfaction

Requirements Management

      • Implement Customer Relations Management (CRM), Customer Requirements Review Teams (CRRT), Governance Process development and management,
      • Assist with infrastructure requirements, Long Range Technical Architecture (LRTA), technology sustainment

Business Process Improvement

      • Provide planning and execution support for re-organization and transitional enterprises, managing transition services, applying Continuous Improvement Model
      • Perform Needs Assessments and prepare Service Improvement Plans utilizing tools such as Project Management Assessment Tool (PMAT) and Remedy tools
      • Provide updated documentation that includes SOPs with updated organizational charts and process mapping
      • Monitoring program cost, schedule, and performance including independent analysis and assessment of issues
      • Implement Change Management processes, Configuration Management and Change Management tools

Strategic Communication

      • Utilize multiple channels (web-based and traditional media, presentations, conferences and events, etc.) to reach both internal and external stakeholder communities for informational, promotional and PR purposes)
      • Maintain Enterprise Infrastructure communication tools, such as conference materials and internal publications
      • Provide the means for maintaining effective communication with our staff across multiple time zones and for responding to support needs, both operational and personal
      • Develop, facilitate, participate in Working Groups, Integrated Product Teams (IPTs), Customer Relations Teams (CRTs) and interagency programs
      • Develop and produce Annual Communications Action Plans, Strategic Communication Plans, Marketing Plans

Past Performance

TeAM has proven performance providing Program Management services to numerous clients, including recent efforts with:

Defense Health Agency (DHA)

Project: Infrastructure and Operations (I&O), Program and Technical Management (P&TM)

Project: Advanced Technology Monitoring and Transition Support (ATM&TS)


Air Force Medical Support Agency (AFMSA)

Project: Cost Analysis Program Support

Space Force

Project: Delta 13 Administrative and Academic Program Management Support

District of Columbia  Courts

Project: Lifecycle Acquisition Support

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