Infrastructure, Operations & Innovation

TeAM helps your agency to conquer the problems of today with the solutions of tomorrow. From specialty engineering through systems engineering, network design,  and capacity planning, to big-picture innovation solutions, TeAM helps you achieve your mission with the best people, processes, and technology available.


Our Capabilities

  • Technology Research & Innovation Support
  • Systems Engineering
  • Capacity Planning
  • Network Engineering
  • Research Design

Technology Research & Innovation Support

      • Technology support services, including conducting needs assessments, Risk versus Reward, market and gap analyses, evaluation and prototyping, customization, and ROI determination.
      • Technology portfolio management, including review and refresh, with a view towards creating maximum business value and portfolio “fitness” at minimum cost.
      • Advanced technology identification, monitoring benefits from trends, market opportunities, and shared services for the Enterprise.
      • Research and innovation, leveraging capabilities within DOD, DHA, and Industry, with established relationships across a broad spectrum of IT vendors.
      • Proven approaches to building Cloud infrastructure, using best Cloud computing practices, and testing Infrastructure Managed Services (TIMS) to prepare us for the next generation Electronic Health Record.

Systems Engineering

      • Available human capital resources – Certified Project Professionals, Network Engineers, CAD Design Engineers, Enterprise Network Specialists, Technicians, QA Analysts, Cybersecurity Specialists, and Trainers.
      • Apply Systems Engineering Lifecycle (SELC) model in Program Management

Capacity Planning

      • Capacity and Change Management, establishing new methodologies and processes, enabling organizations to meet changing demands for products or services.
      • Integral to Project Portfolio Management and IT governance – Merging and balancing human capital resources with requirements to achieve and sustain peak operational efficiencies.
      • Creation of adaptive strategic planning processes leading to IT Infrastructure improvements and modernization.

Network Engineering

      • Design, engineering, and implementation of integrated network solutions worldwide under federal modernization and customization programs.
      • Using systematic and proven methodology to ensure product interoperability, standards enforcement, and hardware/software compatibility.
      • Employing network metrics, including protocol analysis, Internet protocol (IP), NetBEUI, simple network management protocol (SNMP), broadcast storm analysis, and bandwidth utilization.

Research Design

      • Development of technology-oriented research and strategies for Medical, Educational, Scientific, and Engineering fields and related federal government programs.
      • Meta-analysis, systematic reviews, case reports and studies, including clinical studies, market research, technology trials, qualitative and quantitative research.
      • Expertise drawn from varied research activities, including those that address the development of technology-based innovation, such as remote solutions, cybersecurity-compliant virtualization, and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions.

      Past Performance

      TeAM has proven performance providing Infrastructure, Operations and Innovation services to numerous clients, including recent efforts with:

      Defense Health Agency (DHA)

      Project: Advanced Technology Monitoring and Transition Support (ATM&TS)

      Project: Infrastructure and Operations (I&O), Program and Technical Management (P&TM)

      Air Force Medical Readiness Agency (AFMRA) (Formerly Air Force Medical Operations Agency (AFMOA))

      Project: Medical Systems Infrastructure Modernization (MSIM) Technical Services

      Defense Health Information Management Systems (DHIMS)

      Project: Engineering Management Support

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