Human Capital & Training Solutions (HCaTS)

Technology, Automation & Management Inc. (TeAM) is proud to be an awardee for one of the Government’s most innovative acquisition vehicles, Human Capital & Training Solutions (HCaTS), Small Business (SB) Pool 2. TeAM is one of 30 small business primes on the $11.5 billion, government-wide contract. TeAM was awarded in Small Business Pool 2, which has a $2.3 billion ceiling. The contract is administered by the GSA. OPM is responsible for program management. Part of the government’s “buy-as-one” initiative, the HCaTS contract is helping the government optimize spending in human capital.

For more information on HCaTS please review the HCaTS PMO Website and also TeAM’s HCaTS SB Pool 2 Factsheet.  To learn more about TeAM’s capabilities with Training and Human Capital Solutions, please click here

TeAM’s HCaTS Contract #: GS02Q16DCR0108

TeAM’s DUNS number: 147004451

TeAM’s Small Business Conformed Contract: HCaTS SB Master Contract – Modification FY23-1


HCaTS – Best In Class Vehicle 

Who Can Use the HCaTS SB MA-IDIQ Contract?

The HCaTS SB contract is available to meet the requirements of all federal agencies.

Agency Ordering Contracting Officers (OCOs) that have received a Delegation of Procurement Authority from the HCaTS Small Business Contracting Officer may issue task orders under the contract. HCaTS SB allows for all contract types at the task order level (i.e., Fixed-Price [all types], Cost-Reimbursement [all types], Time-and-Materials, and Labor-Hour). Task orders may also combine more than one contract type.

Other ancillary support services, integral and necessary as part of a total integrated solution within the scope of HCaTS SB, are allowable costs and may be included within an individual task order. Ancillary support services may include other professional and non-professional services; commercial and non-commercial items; IT services and components; administrative support; data entry; and subject matter expertise. Other direct costs may include travel, materials, equipment, and/or subcontractors.

What Key Service Areas are Included Under HCaTS Small Business?

HCaTS SB comprises three Key Service Areas (KSAs):

Customized Training and Development Services (KSA 1)

Customized Training Services include training that is developed and/or delivered to any Federal employee. The training must be designed to enhance (1) knowledge, skills, and abilities related to a specific title, series, or function; or (2) general knowledge, skills and abilities.

The training may also include support services such as course or instructional program administration, as well as training that is developed and/or delivered to a Federal agency’s constituencies.

Customized Employee Development Services are provided to any Federal employee. Services are used to develop and/or enhance general, mission-specific, management and/or leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities. Services are also used to coach employees throughout their transition in the Federal government.

Customized Human Capital Strategy Services (KSA 2)

KSA 2 is inclusive of a broad range of human capital and human resources services. These services may include, as a part of talent management and human capital management, the following: HR strategy, organizational and position management, staff acquisition, performance management, compensation management (excluding payroll), HR development, employee relations, labor relations, and separation management.

Customized Organizational Performance Improvement (KSA 3)

KSA 3 is inclusive of improved performance that requires changes in how people are organized around the following:

HCaTS Pool 2 SB NAICS Codes

541612, 541611, 541613, 541618, 611710


To learn more about the HCaTS vehicle please contact:

TeAM’s HCaTS Small Business Program Manager, Tamra Blake: Office: (617) 694-1438, email:

TeAM’s HCaTS Small Business Contract Manager, Tamra Blake: Office: (617) 694-1438, email: