GSA One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS) Small Business

TeAM is excited to add GSA OASIS Small Business – Pool 1 to our available procurement options. OASIS is a Best-in-Class (BIC) contract that covers areas such as Engineering services, Scientific services, Logistic services, Financial services, Management consulting services, Program management and Research and development.


TeAM’s OASIS Small Business Pool 1: Contract #: 47QRAD20D1171

OASIS Pool 1 Fact Sheet


Who Can Use the OASIS SB Contract?

The contract may be used by all Federal agencies including the Department of Defense (DoD). To become an OASIS Ordering Contracting Officer (OCO) an  agency’s contracting officer must apply for and receive an individual Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA). The DPA granting process
includes completing OASIS DPA training which is available online.


Is There a Cost for Using the OASIS Contract?

Except for agencies that have established a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with GSA, use of the contract requires payment of a 0.75% Contract Access Fee (CAF).


What are the Major Benefits of Using OASIS SB Pool 1?

Using the contract provides an agency with the following benefits:
– Meet agency Spend Under Management and Best in Class contracting goals
– No maximum order or ceiling limitations
– Supports all contract types with flexibility for ancillary support
– Provides highly vetted but limited community of competent and certified contractors
– GSA-managed program and master-contract admin


What Type of Professional Labor is Available?

There are 26 general labor categories available on the contract providing staff at the Junior, Journeyman, Senior and Subject Matter Expert (SME) levels. Several of the general labor categories are broken out into Groups which consist of multiple, closely aligned Standard Occupational Classification (SOCs) functional titles.



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TeAM OASIS SB Pool 1 Program Manager: Mr. John Edgar, 703-347-7634,
TeAM OASIS SB Pool 1 Contracts Manager: Ms. Letitia Janifer, 703-347-7825,