GSA Information Technology Schedule 70 (GSA IT 70)

The GSA Group 70 Information Technology (IT-70) Federal Supply Schedule offers Federal agencies a streamlined procurement vehicle. Agencies can use this vehicle to obtain services and products for implementing information technology solutions that support organizational goals and business activities.

TeAM’s GSA IT-70 Contract #: GS-35F-058DA 

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TeAM’s GSA IT-70 contract is currently in its five year base period with the option to extend for three additional five year periods, for a possible total contract period of 20 years.

TeAM holds the following SINs under our IT-70 Schedule.

Special Item No. 54151S Information Technology Professional Services
Special Item No. 54151H Health Information Technology Services
Special Item No. 511210 Software Licenses

Advantages of Using IT-70


Authorized Users

The Authorized users of the GSA IT-70 Schedule include:


Scope of Work

The following GSA-IT Schedule Special Items apply exclusively to Health IT Services within the scope of this Information Technology Schedule:


Placing an Order

GSA’s streamlined ordering procedures have reduced the tedious, time-consuming government procurement process to a few simple steps. GSA has accomplished this by pre-qualifying vendors to perform a wide range of services.

GSA has reviewed vendor qualifications, capabilities, and cost schedules in advance of the need for services. GSA has identified these vendors by type of service on its Advantage! website. This approval is valid for all organizations in the federal government and other governmental agencies. The entire process can be completed in as little as a few weeks.

To obtain GSA IT-70 Schedule services and products, you work directly with TeAM. Use the following simplified procedure for placing an order:

Step 1
Prepare the Statement of Work (SOW) that addresses work to be accomplished, deliverables, period of performance, and other applicable requirements.

Step 2
Issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) to three approved GSA IT-70 vendors. The vendors submit their proposals or a “no bid” response to your contracting organization.

Step 3
Conduct a review and select the best-value contractor.

Step 4
Place a delivery order directly with the selected contractor.


GSA Regional Offices are available to help you during the procurement process. Help is available under a fee-for-service arrangement, but GSA is not required to be involved in any of the steps outlined above.

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