LinkNxtGen BI – Leveraging Current Technology and Data Investments to Create Dynamic Self-Service Business Intelligence


Technology, Automation and Management, Inc. (TeAM) has been a trusted partner of the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Defense Health Agency (DHA) for over 30 years. Our development as a company has kept pace with the DHA through its transformation since the early days of TIMPO, MCiS and Shared Services healthcare provisioning under the Agency. As a dedicated DoD partner, we have supported transformation, standardization, and consolidation efforts throughout its evolution, meeting the challenges of Data Center to the Desktop (D2D) and other modernization efforts. TeAM always stands ready to assist in furthering the transitional development of the Agency, maximizing technology advancement, managing, and minimizing program risks, and ultimately saving the government money in the process.

The business case for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence (DA&BI) and the ability to self-service is the new reality. The time has come that you cannot afford to buy a tool for $100 and pay 1,000% for the ongoing support.

DHA by law is an integrator, reference NDAA 2017. The challenge for DHA is to find avenues that will affect integration, standardization, consolidation of data functions and processes across the Enterprise to enable fact-based, real time decision-making capabilities. As the volume of MHS “silo” data grows, the integration of data for strategic and operational purposes become crucial, particularly when executive decisions impact our military service men and women, veterans, and healthcare beneficiaries.

In the beginning of 2018, TeAM undertook development of a hybrid resource and project management tool based on industry best practices for DHA leadership, to support all levels of the organization including strategic, mid-tier management, and operations. This effort produced our innovative LinkNxtGen which offers a platform that can automate business processes and responses throughout the life cycle of the entire organization structure. LinkNxtGen was the genesis for our new advanced self-service LinkNxtGen-BI product incorporating DA&BI.

LinkNxtGen-BI employs advanced Quantum Computing Emulation (QCE) to support decision-making and process improvement efforts across the enterprise. It takes data output from different systems (spreadsheets, Oracle databases, Sql, Sql Server, personnel databases, etc.), across multiple levels of analytics, and centralizes it for output as useable, economical, and informative BI. LinkNxtGen-BI as the integrated information hub across existing DHA analytical systems will help DHA on the journey from descriptive DA to deep learning information. It also gives the enterprise the freedom to leverage the current data systems and structures to create an end-to-end DA platform.

Most DA tools only accumulate, store and visualize data, LinkNxtGen-BI is able to review and analyze vast amounts of data from a variety of sources, looking for patterns within large data sets, and transforming the information into single comprehensible dashboard(s). LinkNxtGen-BI can combine data sets, classify information, see how data is associated, detect outliers and trends, see where clustering occurs, and make predictions based on that data. LinkNxtGen-BI increases response time to access data, making the organization more efficient while providing cost savings due to the reduced need for manpower manipulation of data. LinkNxtGen-BI does not require an IT specialist to create code to operate or support visualization. Once installed and users trained, administrative or business personnel create the visualization the program is seeking, eliminating “whisper down the alley” mistakes and misunderstandings. Few DA&BI tools can challenge LinkNxtGen-BI for its ease of use, speed, and flexibility.

With the impetus towards reducing cost and becoming more efficient and transparent within the DHA, LinkNxtGen-BI, with its advanced DA&BI capabilities, is the perfect tool for strategic and operational decision making. LinkNxtGen-BI allows leadership, using its current base of tools, to access targeted data across a broad spectrum, in real-time, to gather, discover, analyze, and present information to make strategic and operational decisions. LinkNxtGen-BI integrates with existing analytical tools, repositories, and systems, including DHA legacy systems.

Our dashboard tools offer Division Chiefs, Branch Chiefs and Managers business intelligence data at their fingertips to make fact-based decisions to rebalance resources, increase efficiencies, success rates and potential cost savings. LinkNxtGen-BI allows Leadership to ultimately:

⇒ Do more with less, using metrics geared toward lean processes and procedures

⇒ Reduce dependency on disparate, isolated DA sources and systems

⇒ Identify and modify at-risk projects with budget effecting points

⇒ Implement changes to improve standards and impact projects budgets

⇒ Visualize BI solutions to affect cost-effectiveness relative to technology advancement

Our LinkNxtGen solution has been prototyped, tested, refined, and released via web-based, iOS and Android platforms. It is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, for mobile devices and desktop or laptop. Our tool is on our GSA MAS, Formally GSA IT-70 schedule which TeAM is updating to include the Enterprise LinkNxtGen-BI version with DA&BI built in.

Would you like to learn more about LinkNxtGen? Click here for more information about LinkNxtGen and LinkNxtGen-BI.